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Beaches in Ashland

Maslowski Beach, west end of Ashland on U.S. Hwy. 2:
Offers swimming beach, playground, restrooms, pavilion, access point for the Waterfront Trail walking and biking trail, and artesian well.

Kreher Park, Prentice Avenue north, in the center of Ashland, by the Marina:
Features swimming beach, playground, restrooms, access point for the Waterfront Trail walking and biking trail, pavilion, RV park, boat landing. Only a short distance to downtown Ashland.

Bayview Beach, U.S. Hwy. 2 east, across from Tractor Supply:
Offers swimming beach, fishing pier, restrooms, pavilion, playground and access point to the Waterfront Trail walking and biking trail.

Click here for our Parks and Beaches Brochure.

For pavilion rental, call 715-682-7059 or check out the Ashland City Parks and Recreation Website.