CheqYes – Young Professionals Group of the Chequamegon Bay

Big News and big changes!! The Young Professionals of the Chequamegon Bay has a new name and a new face: CheqYes! We wanted to create a new name for the group that shows our love for the Chequamegon Bay area and our desire to build connections among community members.

Why is it called “CheqYes”?
We chose a name that exemplifies our location and attitude. Do we love to live, work and play in the Chequamegon Bay? CheqYes, we do!

Our Mission:
​CheqYes aims to create a better quality of life in the Chequamegon Bay by fostering community connections through action, education, and play.

CheqYes is a community organization for anyone and everyone interested in making the Chequamegon Bay area the best it can be! We’re into having fun, making friends, and building community connections. Yes, most of our events will still be geared toward young professionals, but this group also will work to engage all members of our community. We’re going beyond “Young Professional” and opening our events to anyone who wants to embrace the new “YP” – Your Place, Your Purpose, Your Party! It’s whatever gets you excited about this wonderful place and all its potential!

Do you want to build a better community with events, education, and action?
Are you looking for other individuals in the Chequamegon Bay that you can connect to and network with?
Do you want to know about all the ways we strive to make our region a better place to live, work, and play?
If you checked yes to any of these questions, then CheqYes is for you!

Now go on over and like our Facebook page! Follow CheqYes for all the exciting events!  Check out the CheqYes Facebook Page.

If you would like to be notified of the next Young Professionals Meet & Greet please, email Mary McPhetridge at