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Historic Mural Capital of Wisconsin since August 2005.

Asaph Whittlesey Mural

Historical Ellis Avenue Mural

Waitress Mural

Ore Dock Mural

Railroad Mural

1920s Jazz Era,
& Schiller Shoe Store Mural

Storefront Mural

Lumberjack Mural

Veterans Mural

Women of Ashland Mural

Bayfront Mural

1950’s Snapshot Mural

Lighthouse Mural

Dhooge’s Store Mural

Apostle Islands National
Lakeshore Mural

The BIA Mural

Quality Inn of Ashland
Voyageurs Mural

Great Lakes
Visitor Center Mural

Oredocker Football Mural
Cabbies & Stagecoach Mural

DePadua Mural
Mural Map

Behind the Scenes –
Other Murals

Ed Griffiths Pedestrian Pass – Tunnel