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Apostle Islands Mural

9th Ave West and Main Street
Fall 2016

This mural was sponsored cooperatively by the Friends of the Apostle Islands organization and the Ashland Mural Walk Committee to celebrate the The Park Service’s 100 year history. 18 of the 22 Apostle Islands are located within Ashland County and the southern most tip of the park is located at the Ashland lighthouse in Chequamegon Bay. Images from the National Lakeshore make up the mural.
Upper row (l to r)
Mainland Ice caves
Aerial view from photograph by John and Ann Mahan
Devil’s Island
Ice cave on the south shore
Sunset over Stockton Island
Bog on Stockton Island
Bottom row (l to r)
Lone rock off Basswood Island
Hokanson Fishing Dock – Little Sand Bay
East side of Devil’s Island
Hermit Island brownstone quarry
Northeast shore of Stockton Island
Sand Island
Presque Isle Point – Stockton Island