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Part of BIA Mural

Inside the Bureau of Indian Affairs building, 916 W. Lake Shore Drive
Spring 2004

NOTE: The BIA building is a federal secure building and visitors must sign in and wait for an escort to visit the conference room containing the murals.

Next, The Bureau of Indian Affairs commissioned the artists to design a mural. This mural would depict the historical regalia of the 10 tribes represented by the BIA in northern Wisconsin. The mural, completed in the spring of 2004, is spread out over three separate walls in the interior of the BIA’s conference room and represents a Pow Wow.

The first mural represents the beginning of a Pow Wow with the entrance of the flags and eagle staffs. The second mural represents the male dancers in their traditional clothing. The third mural shows the women and children dancers. All the Native Americans portrayed are actual dancers and members of local tribes.

The artists collaborated with the staff of Native American tribes in the area to ensure authenticity, and they worked with three Native American volunteers who came in and helped with the initial outline of the mural. Outfits, staffs, walking sticks, and turtle rattles were brought into the studio to ensure accurate representations in the drawings.

To view this mural, the public can stop in at the BIA Great Lakes Agency located at 916 W. Lake Shore Drive. Check in at the door and if the room is not scheduled, it is accessible to the public.