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Follow the Mural Brick Road – in the county of the land of Ashland.

#1 Madeline Island Mural

#2 Angus Mural

#3 Peterson Music Night Mural

#1 Madeline Island Mural: Inside the Madeline Island Information Station, Foot of Washington Avenue.  Before boarding the ferry over to Madeline Island, get a glimpse of what awaits you.  You’ll  find a mesmerizing mural, created by Island artist Holly Marie Tourdot, depicting the seasonal changes if life on the island.

#2 Angus Mural: On Madeline Islands, 2736 Colonel Woods Avenue.  This mural depicts Captain Dan Angus, with his schooner Lizzie W, who transported day tourists to the island and back, and John Hagen, who started a thriving commercial fishing business on the Island with his brother.  Mural painted by Holly Tourdot.

#3 Peterson Music Night Mural: On Madeline Island, N662 Main Street.  This mural depicts the informal gatherings theat the Paul Peterson family hosted at their home during the 1930’s. many of the family members are in the mural, which was painted by Holly Tourdot.