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Other Waterfalls within a 60 mile radius in the Hurley area and beyond.
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Peterson Falls            Height: 35 feet
East branch of the Montreal River.

Follow U.S. Hwy. 51 north to its end and then merge west on U.S. Hwy. 2. Travel a quarter mile and turn right. You will see an area where you can park. Hike the dirt trail north for about 2-3 blocks and you will come across a smaller fall. The cascade drops about 35 feet where people frequently stop to take a swim.


Kimball Falls              Height: 8 feet
West branch of the Montreal River.

Go west on U.S. Hwy. 2 about 3 miles from U.S. Hwy. 51. Small signs guide you from there. Turn left on Park Road and then head west. You will see a small picturesque town park. There is a small fall where the river wraps around a relaxing oasis. There are several picnic sites to enjoy. This waterfall is within easy access and offers a rustic restroom facility, pump water and a pavilion.


Saxon Falls                 Height: 110 feet


Superior Falls           Height: 90 feet

The Montreal River creates a rugged border between Wisconsin and Michigan. Exploring this area turns up evidence of ancient volcanoes, glacial periods and massive upheaval within the earth.
To reach Superior Falls from Hurley, go west on U.S. Hwy. 2 for 12 miles. Turn right onto Hwy. 122. When you reach the state line, the falls is marked with a small sign on the second driveway on your left. There is easy access to the main fall from the canyon rim. From there, there is a scenic view overlook to the north. Here you can sit on a bench overlooking Lake Superior. Take the path downward to the big lake’s rocky shore. It’s a steep grade, but worth the trip. Follow the trail back along the river to see the fall’s base at eye level. You can hike from the rim of the canyon southwestward to wander down the rough grade where you can explore the top of the fall and the pool where it takes a 90-degree turn before making its descent.

Saxon Falls is a challenge. Retrace your drive back from Superior Falls and take a right on County Road A. Visit Saxon Harbor and explore its four-mile sandy beach along Lake Superior. A little further south, turn left on County Road B and continue eastward. The road takes a 90-degree turn. Turn left. You’ll see the Saxon Flowage Recreation sign. Follow the gravel road. At the fork is where most kayakers put in beneath the fall – to the right is a hot fishing spot.

Potato River Falls and Willard Falls            Height: 90 feet
Located on the Potato River in the Town of Gurney.

To get to the Potato River Falls, travel 15 miles west of Hurley on U.S. Hwy. 2 and turn left on Wis. Hwy. 169. Continue south for 2.75 miles where a sign will direct you to turn right. Travel to the end of the road to a small park in the Iron County Forest. There is easy access to see a scenic overlook of the lower fall. There is another access point, but it requires a hike down quite a few stairs. There you will see the Potato River narrow and drop into a natural cauldron before it cascades.

Willard Falls is another tough one to see. You reach its crest by following the little two-wheel trail that starts at the park and turns into a deer path.

Wren Falls                  Height: 30 feet
On the Tyler Forks River.

Follow the directions for Potato River Falls, but continue south on Wis. Hwy. 169 for 2.5 more miles. Turn left on Vogues Road. Continue for 3.5 miles. At the hairpin turn, take the center road across from you. (This is not recommended without a 4×4 and good clearance.) A mile down this rugged road is a fork. Head right for a few hundred yards to a beautiful, rocky and remote area. When leaving, take a right onto Sullivan Fire Lane.

Foster Falls                Height: 25 feet

There are two ways to find this one. If you’re doing the circle tour, Sullivan Fire Lane from Wren Falls comes to an abrupt end at the river. Park and wander north to see how the river splits into two waterfalls. From Hurley, drive southwest on Wis. Hwy. 77 to Upson. Turn left onto Wis. Hwy. 122, then take a left on Sullivan Fire Lane after about 5 miles. The fire lane ends at the river, so continue north for several yards and you’re there.

Upson Falls                 Height: 18 feet

Travel 2 blocks west of the junction of Wis. Hwys. 77 & 122. Drive north to Park Road where the signs guide you to Upson Town Park. It’s another great place for a picnic and the path takes you to a very pretty wooded waterfall. If you are doing the circle tour of the falls, come in from the west and watch for a white arrow sign.