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Northern Great Lakes Visitor Mural

West of Ashland on US Hwy 2 & County G

“The Community of Life: Our Evolving Relationship with the Land”  mural is sponsored by The Friends of the Center Alliance.  This mural graces the inside walls of the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center’s tower located 2.5 miles west of Ashland on Hwy 2.  It depicts the evolving relationship between humanity and the land over the course of time, starting with pre-contact Annishinabe and up to the present.  It attempts to show humanity’s impact on the ecosystem-how land use affects plant and animal populations and how changes in those populations in turn affect the future.  It challenges viewers to predict this future-will we live in harmony with the world around us or will we become alienated and fractured from the natural world.  This mural was created and painted by Kelly Meredith.