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The Ashland/Washburn Bike Trail is officially open for use by cyclists and hikers . The trail is approximately 14 miles in length from trailhead to trailhead. The Ashland Trailhead is  located on the Tri-County Corridor at the intersection of Sanborn Ave and the Washburn  Trailhead is located near the entrance to Memorial Park. The trail is signed with small signs displaying  a green biker/ hiker symbol and arrows both ways indicating the direction that the trail leads.

The trail committee is recommending  ONLY  hybrid, mountain or fat bikes be used this season due to extremely wet and muddy conditions. The trail is a mowed path. It is NOT paved or  surfaced .  Hikers are always welcome.  Be alert to avoid portions of the trail that are compromised . Be prepared to dismount and walk your bike to avoid areas of concern.

The trail committee appreciates your patience and support for this work in progress. .North Coast Cycling Association (NCCA) will be the stewards of the trail.

Click here for a pdf version of the map.