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Free Business Plan Assistance:
Receive free business planning assistance from expert staff at the Ashland Area Development Corporation.  Through this process, they can help identify other types of technical assistance to connect with entrepreneurs.

Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce Revolving Loan for Main Street:
The Ashland area Chamber of Commerce offers a revolving loan to downtown existing and new businesses.  Unlike traditional revolving loans, this one considers a Mom & Pop small retailer as two jobs.  Therefore, there is no “Job Creation” need for applying for the loan.  Loans are from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 and are for everything from inventory to signage.  Payments are set up on a monthly automatic withdrawal out of the business account.   This loan program is for both Food and Beverage, and Retail Businesses.

AADC Revolving Loan Funds:
Ashland Area Development Corporation administers four Revolving Loan Funds (RLF’s) to assist businesses in Ashland county.  RLF’s provide potential funding, often referred to as gap financing, for projects that cannot meet all their financing needs in the private sector.  These RLF’s usually provide secondary financing in partnership with other local lenders and are designed to provide and incentive for businesses to locate or expand in Ashand County.

NWRPC Revolving Loan Fund:
The Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC) has access to revolving loan funds that assist startups and existing business that are looking to strengthen their capacity or recover from a declared natural disaster in Northwestern Wisconsin.  Program requirements include: matching funds, collateral demonstration of projected cash flow, job creation and/or retention, and evaluation of economic impact and market saturation of proposed business.

Contact the Ashland City Planning Department for a one stop guide to all of your local building and zoning permitting needs.  For more information contact 715-682-7041.

Xcel Energy Rebates & Grant Programs:
Xcel Energy offers a variety of energy/equipment rebates and other energy cost saving programs.

Historic Tax Credits:
The Historic Preservation Tax Credit applies to certified historic buildings.  Under the program, owners of eligible buildings may receive a state income tax credit for 20 percent of the qualified rehabilitated expenditures.  This program applies to rehabilitation expenditures of $50,000 or more.