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  • The lake is the center of it all –   A Fun Fact –  Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior covers 33,000 acres!
  • Ashland is the hub of the region, the center of Chequamegon Bay.
  • Ashland IS truly a 4-season destination.
  • People are drawn to the incredible natural beauty of the area.  It is common ground among visitors who are here for many different reasons.
  • For those who are attracted to the great outdoors, there is more to do here than ever imagined.
  • Ashland’s historical legacy is compelling to visitors, as are our murals, locally owned shops, dining and outdoor activities.


By simply living here, we exist to connect people to what we experience:

  • The ever changing waters of Lake Superior
  • The Forests, the outdoor fun and adventure,
  • A history that runs deep with independence and hard work,
  • And the absolute pleasure of enjoying how breathtaking life can be.

OUR UNIQUE POSTITION IS:  Ashland is the heart and soul of Chequamegon Bay

  • We are the center of a region of woods and water, we are unique lodging, local restaurants, quaint shops and amenities for travelers.
  • We are the core of education, entrepreneurship, employment and healthcare for our area.
  • Our natural rhythm calls people to unwind, to breathe, explore, and experience the pulse of the outdoors in all its wild, spectacular beauty.
  • Our spirit of welcome comes from an authentic wish that everyone find what fees their soul here in Ashland.

OUR TAGLINE IS ~ Find yourself next to the Water

Click this link to view some of Ashland’s latest commercials. 

This is a great video for attracting younger entrepreneurs or families.


  • Ashland is the Historic Mural Capital of Wisconsin – designated by the Wisconsin Legislature in 2003.
  • The Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest has 850,000 acres of rolling terrain between Bayfield & Ashland Counties
  • 18 of the 22 Apostle Islands are located in Ashland County including Madeline Island
  • John F. Kennedy made three trips to Ashland – 2 prior to his presidency and the very last trip as the President before his assassination was to commemorate the John F. Kennedy Airport and designate the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
  • The WhistleStop Marathon held in October in Ashland is a Boston Qualifying Marathon and the Half-Marathon was voted as one of the top 25 half-marathons in the country (Runner’s World) 2016.
  • The Chequamegon Bay is home to World Class Smallmouth Bass Fishing –
  • There is a tunnel under the highway connecting the lakefront trail to the main street.
  • The Hot Pond is the area by the Ashland Bayfront Xcel Energy plant.  There is a 50 foot pipe that is heated year round, so the water never freezes in this area.  Smallmouth, Walleye, COHO Salmon, and Northerns can be found in this area and crazy people that fish right on the edge of the ice.
  • The original Main Street was one story lower than the actual Main Street today.  Some of the storefronts on Main Street have the remaining window cutouts in their basements.
  • Aside from fast food, all of Ashland’s restaurants are locally owned and operated (including Dominoes and Little Caesars).
  • Ashland has 6 Pizza Parlors – We like pizza
  • Waterfalls are abundant here in Northern Wisconsin and we have a beautiful brochure of Waterfalls that can be found in Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, and Iron County.
  • There are about 350 caches in both Ashland and Bayfield Counties, so if you like to Geo-cache, we are the spot.